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Spirit of May

Celebrate the "Spirit of May" and embark on a libationary journey through craft cocktails, specialty wines, and seasonal beverages all month long!

May 6-12 | Craft Cocktails at A+O Restaurant | Bar - Experience the new cocktail menu featuring specialty spirits and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

May 13-19 | Oasis Pool Bar Coconut Craze - Lounge by the pool with a specialty Balboa Bay Coconut!

May 20-26 | Week of Wine - Explore delectable wines from around the world at A+O Restaurant | Bar, then celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at the Newport Beach Wine Festival.

May 27-31 | Bubbles by the Bay - Raise a glass of bubbly! Cheers with a spritz at the pool, or your favorite champagne at A+O Restaurant | Bar.

May 1 - May 31
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm